Bankruptcy Law

When you spend your days trying to better yourself, it’s difficult to watch it all crumbling before your eyes. Unfortunately, millions of Americans face debt troubles annually, and such challenges can rapidly erode the foundations of the life you’ve worked to build. Bankruptcy law may be the answer, but only if you work with one of our team members that can help you apply it correctly.

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Bankruptcy Law

Bankruptcy is a well-defined type of protected legal status. When you apply for bankruptcy protection with a bankruptcy court, the judges and officials review your petition to determine whether you’re eligible. If your filing succeeds, you could gain a range of important legal advantages that make it easier to climb out of debt.

Filing for bankruptcy automatically grants you temporary relief: It stops your creditors from seizing your assets or money while your case is in progress. In other words, even if you don’t receive protection, the mere act of seeking it can have massively positive impacts on your life moving forward.

Our team believes that you deserve breathing room no matter who you are. We work hard to help you plan your filing and move forward so that you can explore better options than drowning in debt.


Choosing a Bankruptcy Plan

Bankruptcy comes in various forms designed for different kinds of debt situations, consumers and businesses. For instance, you may file for a reorganization bankruptcy status that lets you restructure your debts so that you can actually afford to repay them. Or you might liquidate your estate by selling off your nonessential assets to pay your outstanding bills.

Which type of bankruptcy is right for you? The key to deciding lies in assessing your case correctly. Because different kinds of protection have unique legal requirements and rules, it’s important to talk to someone who’s in the know.

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Your bankruptcy petition isn’t guaranteed to end with you receiving protection or debt relief. Like any other matter that goes to court, it’s essential to prepare your case, choose the right plan of attack and follow up on your filing obligations.

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