Fair Credit Reporting Act

Your credit report and history can determine whether you’re able to get jobs, find housing or obtain the lending that you need to better your living conditions. The FCRA, or Fair Credit Reporting Act, is designed to minimize the risks that consumers face in a world where credit means everything. If you’re like most people, however, then you may not know whether you can take advantage of this landmark legislation to improve your financial standing.

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The FCRA: A Quick Primer

The FCRA works to help you stay in control of your credit report. For instance, this law gives you the option to take actions such as

  • Disputing credit records, such as missed payments or outstanding debts, that you think might be mistaken or intentionally inaccurate,
  • Deciding whether and how specific parties, such as lenders, employers, insurers and merchants, can use your credit report, and
  • Filing lawsuits to recover statutory, punitive and actual damages as well as court and attorney costs.

The FCRA makes certain credit reporting actions mandatory. People who want to use your report need to obtain your consent every time, and if they decide to deny your employment application or lending request based on the information that they discover, they need to give you a copy of your report. Credit reporting agencies are also supposed to take steps to ensure that their records are accurate and stored safely to prevent misuse or unapproved access.


Taking Legal Action

If the FCRA provides so many protections, then why would you ever need a lawyer to fight for your rights? The problem is that lenders, credit reporting agencies and employers don’t always follow the rules. Whether such violations come down to mere mistakes or purposeful neglect, getting legal representation is the easiest way to make the situation right.

For all of their strengths, consumer protection laws like the FCRA are complicated and full of potential loopholes. Before heading to court, you should partner with a legal team that can help you prepare a strong case that maximizes your chances of a favorable outcome.

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